Marker Servicing

What paintball markers / guns can you service?

We have trained and certified tech’s for all major markers including Eclipse, Empire, Invert, BT, Smart Parts, Spyder, Hangar 18, Tippmann but in practice we service all makes and models of paintball guns. As long as parts are available for your marker our experienced technicians can fix it! If you have a problem just give us a call.

How long will it take?

All repairs are done in-house by our experienced paintball technicians. Our goal is to get you back on the playing field as quickly and affordably as possible. Average turnaround time is no longer than a week and is usually only limited by the ability of couriers to get your marker to us and then back to you.

Will you fit modifications / accessories for me?

Yes of course we will but we generally recommend that you have this done as part of a service as this will ultimately work out cheaper for you as we can do both while your gun is opened up. We just charge our standard rates for fitting new parts for you.

Do you offer servicing as well as repairs?

Yes we do – even if your marker is running fine there may be wear on O-rings / parts and O-rings will slowly degrade even if you have not used your marker. If you have not used your marker for some time it may be worth getting it serviced and we would recommend your gun is serviced every year regardless.

How does it work?

You have two options. Once you have purchased one of our Just Paintball Marker Services there are two options. The first being you can send it in to us by post or courier and while we have it we will service it and then deliver it back to you on a fully insured delivery. The second option being if you are attending an event we are attending you can drop your marker off at our stall where we will take it back with us and service it and then deliver it back to you on a fully insured delivery. We will test / assess your marker and contact you if we think it will cost more than the base cover charge. After this we will endeavour to fix and return your marker to you within 7 -10 working days although this can be longer if parts are required. If you need your marker in a hurry this can also be accommodated. Please be aware that Just Paintball will accept no responsibility for loss or damage to warranty or serviced goods. 

How much will it cost?

All services are covered in our Marker Service & Repairs section in the drop down menu. In this section we cover most brands of marker manufacturer but if yours it not there please call us on: 01325 24 24 19 / 01325 79 09 87 (Direct Number) or email our technician at:


Click Here to download your service form.



Once purchased please fill out our service form above and enclose it with your marker. Markers sent into us should be cleaned of excess dirt and paint beforehand unless a cleaning service has been added. If there is no cleaning service added, your marker will only be cleaned internally, for example barrels and outer body of the marker will not be cleaned.

You will always be notified in advance of the costs associated with fixing your equipment and given the option to proceed with the service or have your goods returned to you. Should we proceed with a service on your instruction you would be expected to pay for the service work within 7 days. Should you not make payment within a reasonable time frame, (specifically no later than 90 days), we reserve the right to sell your equipment to recover the costs of the repair work. We will always contact you before making any decision to do this.