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Just Paintball UK is the leading retailer of paintball gear and equipment in the UK with a conventional walk-in paintball store and online paintball shop. With the largest range of equipment in the UK and unbeatable stock levels there is always an easy way to buy paintball guns, paintball masks, paintball loaders and any other paintball supplies at cheap prices.

If you play paintball or are looking to get into playing then you have found the right place for your paintball supplies. We have all the top brands including Empire, Eclipse, JT, BT, Tippmann, H18, Virtue, Valken, Tiberius and many more all in our store. All our paintball supplies are of the highest standard and we give a full support and backup service so you can always feel confident in your goods.

Trade Division

Just Paintball supplies equipment to trade customers looking to set up a site or who already operate a paintball site or retail outlet. Just Paintball supplies to new and existing operators and our Trade Division will welcome your call. We supply all major brands including JT, Hangar 18, Empire, Dye, Eclipse, Valken, Virtue, Spyder, Tippmann, BT, Ninja and so many more. For further information please visit our dedicated trade page.


At Just Paintball we have the largest range available in any European store. Paintballs vary in quality and the quality determines the best balls for your purpose. As a general guide the more expensive the paint the more brittle it is and the easier that it will break. To use high grade paint you will need a high grade marker that is very gentle on the paint. You can choose paintballs from Hangar 18, Proto, Diablo, Draxxus, RPS and more all in our store. It is advisable to try different brands until you find a ball that works well for your purpose and the conditions in which you play as lots of factors can affect a paintballs performance.

Paintball Guns & Markers

Since paintball became popular as a recreational activity more and more people have decided to buy their own equipment so that they can customise it, maintain it and improve the performance. The main part of the equipment is the paintball gun which are also known as paintball markers due to the fact that they shoot the paintballs at high speed at your opponents. At Just Paintball we have the best range of paintball markers available anywhere. We stock a huge range of paintball guns of all different standards and different types of mechanism. There are two main factors that influence performance, rate of fire and accuracy. Electronic markers have a faster rate of fire and accuracy is mainly influenced by build quality. The best paintball guns are intended for tournament play where accuracy and rate of fire have to be the very best. There is a huge choice but we are experts so feel free to call us for free impartial advice.

Paintball Hoppers & Loaders

So many hoppers so little time! We have paintball hoppers & loaders of all standards from basic gravity fed loaders right up to professional tournament loaders and they are always in stock. At Just Paintball we have a massive range of paintball hoppers that are suitable for all different types of play and compatible with all different types of gun. Paintball loaders can feed up to 30 balls per second so it is important that you match the right loader with your gun. Some loaders are specialist and only compatible with one type of marker like the cyclone and the rip clip but most have universal firing so will work with all guns. We have all the top manufacturers including Torque, Halo, Extreme Rage, Viewloader, Dye Rotor and others in one place and are happy to give you free impartial advice on the best one for you if you are not sure which is the best of the paintball hoppers that we stock for a specific marker or type of play.

Paintball Masks & Goggles

When playing paintball the most important and essential part of your kit is your paintball mask as a good mask will protect your face, eyes, temples and ears. Some people call them paintball goggles which relates back to the times when players used to just wear a pair of eye goggles to play - this is no longer allowed. You can get many different brands and we stock all the good ones at Just Paintball including full headshields which protect the top and the back of the head aswell as everywhere else. We also stock a large number of paintball masks with thermal lenses which are like double glazing and reduce the chance of fogging up. At Just Paintball we stock all the top brands including Dye, Empire, JT, Proto, Extreme Rage and Vforce.

Paintball Gear

You told us that you wanted a great choice on all items from masks to loaders and pants to paintballs - we have the very best choice of paintball gear from all the top brands including Hangar 18, Proto, Diablo, Draxxus, RPS, Empire, Torque, Viewloader, KM, Dye, Virtue, BT, Tippmann, Invert, Dangerous Power and more all in our store. We can arrange next day shipping on most products so you can get your paintball gear without a long delay. We can also help you as everyone at Just plays paintball and can give you excellent impartial advice on what will be the best deals for you.