Grenades / Pyrotechnics


Pyrotechnics / Smoke Grenades / Paint Grenades

We now offer pyrotechnic products through our sister website Just Effects. We are still selling the same range and quality of grenades from our usual manufacturers but due to changes in shipping requirements we are no longer able to offer them for sale in small quantities. 

To order pyrotechnics and grenades please click here to be transferred over to Just Effects

(Just Effects will open in a new window) 

Shipping Changes

Due to new changes in legislation and HSE requirements we are no longer able to send grenades / pyrotechnics through our usual shipping channels. It is no longer permitted to send pyrotechnics via 'standard' couriers or Royal Mail and, because of this, we have moved to ship all pyrotechnics through TNT's Dangerous Goods network. This is a lot more expensive than regular shipping and why we have removed all grenades from this website (otherwise you could order 1 pack of grenades to go with your standard order and your shipping cost will rise for your entire order). 


As a result of TNT's specialised shipping charges it is no longer viable to sell grenades in small packs - ie. 4 smoke grenades. Our larger quantity packs still offer great value for money and when the cost of shipping is spread across the larger pack quantities it is a lot more viable for you also!

You won't be able to buy any paintball or airsoft equipment through the Just Effects website as this is purely for grenades and pyrotechnics so please feel free to complete your order for that equipment on here. All orders from Just Effects will be processed separately and your account details will not transfer. 

To order pyrotechnics and grenades please click here to be transferred over to Just Effects

(Just Effects will open in a new window) 

We still offer trade and wholesale pricing on pyrotechnics at our standard rates although shipping costs will be in line with the new TNT rates.