Empire Paintball

Empire Paintball

Who are Empire Paintball ?

Empire is one of the most famous brand in the paintball market, offering great products for all paintballers, from beginners to professionals for both the tournament and the scenario side. To make it easier, they divided their products in three brands all targeting different players.

BT Paintball

BT Empire Paintball their scenario side, is one of the market leader with many famous markers from the BT-4 markers to the TM-15, and their unique BT Rip Clip hopper, they are usually a great choice for any scenario player. Adapting Empire's technologies to the scenario world, they are offer some of the most technologically advanced products.

Empire Paintball

Their tournament brand Empire Paintball offer a massive range of high-end products, like their world famous Prophecy Z2 Hopper, the revolutionary Empire Axe, and a great collection of Empire playing gear.

Extreme Rage

Extreme Rage could be classed as the beginner brand from Empire Paintball, but they are much more, offering great products for a very low price, they are usually the best brand for limited budgets. Reliable and using Empire tested technologies, they offer you great alternatives.


Empire also offer a great selection of paintballs, from the Heat to the world renowned Evil Ultra, offering all type of paintballs from the cheap entry-level to the highest quality paintballs, all in summer and winter formulas.

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