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Dye I4 Mask - Black

Dye I4 Mask - Black

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Small, lightweight and comfortable, the I4 mask has a quick change lense system that allows you to change the lense in under 10 seconds. No more breaking nails or bending clips out in the cold! The I4 offers increased vertical and horizontal vision giving you a clear visual advantage which, with the optically correct tirodial impact lense, provides the ultimate clarity on the field.


The smallest, lightest, lowest profile and best field of vision available.

The i4 rapid lens change system

The i4 has a revolutionary patent pending rapid lens changing system that allows you to change lenses in under 10 seconds. It is the quickest and easiest lens changing system in the sport today. The unique design of two tabs allows you to remove the current lens and replace or clean it with ease. Simply push on each interior tab arm, slide them forward and the lens is free to be removed. Insert the new lens and pull both tabs back to securely lock the lens in place. No separate parts to take off, no extra pieces in your hand.

290 degrees of horizontal and peripheral vision

The i4 offers more vertical and horizontal peripheral vision than any other mask system on the market today. Clear, unobstructed vision both up and down allows you to clearly see all of the field details without constantly moving your head. Movement is much easier to recognize and provides a clear visual advantage. This is also combined with our optically correct tirodial impact lens that provides perfect clarity and sharpness while protecting your eyes.

Co-molded soft low profile mask

Designed with the Professional in mind, the i4 goggle system provides you comfort, rigidity and lightweight protection with our one piece, dual injected mask. The comfortable, ergonomic, low profile mask not only allows you to sight closer to your marker, but also allows freedom of movement with its lightweight design. The small, compact, lightweight design of the i4 will almost allow you to forget you are even wearing a mask at all.

Soft lightweight ear protection

The sleek, light, low profile soft compression ear pads provide the protection you need while offering style and hearing clarity. Ear protection is important and the i4 provides it while not being obstructive, bulky or heavy. Additionally, the i4 ear pieces are backed with a Cool Max® liner that wicks sweat away while providing comfort and keeping your ears cool.

Comfortable anatomic mask fit

The anatomically correct i4 mask system offers the best in comfort for all facial contours. Designed with the ultimate comfort in mind, the i4 mask is the latest in anatomical facial fit and is supported by its lightweight construction. The i4 is also tested at twice the current impact ASTM standards. The i4 is built for comfort and built to last.

Retention strap

The i4 retention strap system needs to be adjusted once and once only. This sure lock feature is made possible by the woven rubber that is in the strap material itself. Unlike silicone that eventually breaks down and peels off, the elasticity of our rubber straps will out last the competition. The i4 is designed to fit your head and stay that way.

Extreme multi-directional venting

One of the i4’s greatest features is the Multi-Directional Venting. Utilizing precise blade angling and a proven venting configuration, the i4 Multi-Directional Venting will make communication with your teammates effortless. This unique patented design drastically reduces re-ventilated fogging and will throw your voice farther and clearer than any other vented mask on the field.

20% lighter than other goggle systems

Now, one of the lightest goggles on the market in professional paintball. The less your equipment weighs, the better you can perform and focus on the game. We’ve reduced the overall weight by 20%, giving you every possible edge.

Upgraded with a thermal lens

The i4 comes equipped with a thermal lens, providing optimal lens clarity in any weather situation. The scratch resistant coating protects both sides of the lens against scratches and minor abrasions. The thermal lens has a unique UV protective coating, offering you exceptional UV protection. In the sport of paintball, optimising your vision to the targeted environment is critical; our lens helps you achieve that clarity.



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Say goodbye to those steamy sessions..the bad kind.
So I'm the kind of guy who reads every review and watches every video before I make a purchase.

I'd read the rave reviews about the i4's and all those American guys saying 'it never steams up on me ever' but then you see they're playing in the desert or in LA where it never rains and humidity is basically 0%.
But the i4 seemed like exactly what I wanted, small, well fit and most importantly.. light weight.

I live and play (mostly) in the Lake District and surrounding area in Cumbria..where it always rains. It rains even when it's sunny. Any we mostly play in wooded areas making for humid sweaty games.

From my personal experience, the I4 has NEVER steamed up on me. At all. Even a little bit.

-Price. £99 isn't alot to ask for the quality you're getting here. And justpaintball are renound for being well priced.

-Fit. Dye reference using 'anatomic fit' in these masks. I have a little face, so it fits me great. However, somehow magically it seems to fit all the other guys (and girls) in my team equally as well. Somehow.

-Viewing Angles- Does what it says on the tin. There really aren't any blind spots here other than the standard 'right under your chin'.

Comfort- Most games we play are between 10 and 30 mins, which isnt long enough for the adrenaline to wear off. But for these length games, you forget you're wearing it to be honest, being so lightweight helps with this. (I'm off to NvS 2016 in a couple of weeks which will be a 7 hour game, so we'll see how it feels then)

Other- The I4's seem to catch and amplify sound. Ie when barking orders you are easily heard over the gunfire by people wearing masks.

Protection- The mask is cut short around the jawline (by design), so if you open your mouth, your chin isn't protected. But this is brought up in every review, and you will have most likely decided that this doesn't bother you. They're only paintballs, I'll take one in the jaw every now and again.


I'm super happy with my purchase. I'm a small guy so I like to use that to my advantage and stay light, fast and agile. The I4 suits that style of play perfectly.
If you buy one and don't like it, there will be no shortage of people wanting to take it off of your hands.

Hope this helps.

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