We would like to introduce Dyehard to the Just Paintball Family as one of our newly sponsored teams! Dyehard have been around for a number of years, they started out playing woodsball, tournaments and big games in 1996 and carried on this way until 2012, where the team took a 4 year break with most of the team still attending walk-ons and big games under the Dyehard name.
In 2016 the team started playing again in their present format which brought together a mix of established players and some new players. They have since played a few tournaments at Urban Paintball Retford to ease the new players into the squad and gain some podium finishes. They have players who have played in Break in/Break out and Division 4 at CPPS this year but are looking to progress in the league under the Dyehard name.

The team is currently built up of 14 players with a wide array of experience and ages. They are currently playing all of the Skirmish Nottingham tournaments and are looking to enter into CPPS next year in Break in/Break out at CPPS
If you and your team are looking to become a Just Paintball Sponsored Team give us a call on 01325 242419 or email us at Info@JustPaintball.co.uk


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