Did you know that not only do we sell to individual paintball players who want their own kit, but we also sell wholesale to paintball sites all over the world?! At Just Paintball UK we offer new and upcoming paintball venues some of the best deals to set up their new paintball site. We've travelled the lengths to across Asia, the Middle East, and all over Europe to help with the setting up of paintball sites in the past! It doesn't matter if you have zero current experience in paintball, because if you want to set up your very own paintball venue from scratch - we can certainly help you! 

Paintball is a fast moving, exciting industry and new paintball event centres are opening all over the country to accommodate the demand for a sport that has been growing for the past 40 years! Customers from all age groups are keen to play paintball and many will turn into regular players who will visit time and time again. 

Many players will come to your site to play paintball for birthday parties, stag do's and other celebration events such as sporting team day outs and more! If you can give these customers an amazing experience at your site, they will come back again and again, bringing more and more friends each time!  

When we say that you don't need to know every single thing about paintball to set up your own paintball site, we really mean it! We can do most of the hard work, while you get a paintball site built and set up for the inevitable successful future! 

If you're at all interested in starting up your new paintball site and would like our help, do not hesitate to contact us! You can drop us an email to info@justpaintball.co.uk 

Each paintball venue set-up that we do, is a complete custom job to suit your specific needs, as we work with different sized venues, all with different land and restrictions. We can completely customise our work and give you guidance around what would be best for your new paintball site.

We can give you recommendations on all of the best kit for you to get started to suit your needs. We supply all the paintball markers, with options to choose from .68caliber or .50caliber markers. We supply all of the paintball hoppers/loaders that your customers will use on the markers, your air systems of choice, rental masks, battlepacks, paintball pods, overalls, barrel swabs, paintballs etc. too! It doesn't stop there! We will help you with the setting up of your air compressors, to ensure they're working as intended to fill up your air systems for the paintball markers, along with bulk air cylinders with fill rigs. We can also assist you on training your staff members how to safely operate the equipment, so that you can pass that information on to any new starters! Along with setting up your safe zones, where your customers can relax in a safe environment with no paintball markers around, with guidance on where to put safety netting and game field entrances too.

That's most of the physical aspects of setting up your paintball field, but we also can give you advice and assistance on your paintball site insurance, we can help you set up how the games are most frequently played at other paintball venues, we can help with creating the physical game zones with ideas on buildings and barricades. Furthermore, we can help with the very basics on how to deal with customers in specific scenarios, from sales advice to problem solving if there were any issues on the customers' day. We can also help guide you where and how the optimum way of storing paintballs would be, as they have specific conditions to be met to keep the paint fresh and not affect how they perform.

There are other things that we can assist you with setting up your paintball site, like chronograph operation and ensuring that all the paintball guns are firing at a legal limit. Cleaning and maintenance of paintball equipment, ensuring that all paintball markers are cleaned properly without damaging the internals, getting all the mud, gravel and dirt out of them. As well as making sure customers have clean masks upon arrival, being cleaned properly after every use. We also make sure that you have an up to date game safety briefing for your customers, ensuring that they are aware of all the risks of paintballing and the activities they're participating in. 

We can send you all of the above information with a more detailed explanation of each stage in a document direct to you. Simply drop an email to Liam & Andy! 



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