The latest product from Planet Eclipse is here! The CS3 Single Finger Trigger Frame, bringing that old school feel, with new school performance! 

The product comes as a naked CS3 Single Finger Frame

For those who like to use just one finger to pull the trigger, this single finger electronic frame kit for the CS3 is the perfect mix of old-school playing feel combined with the most technically advanced electronic marker in our range. Keeping it simple, but with the highest technology, let the marker do most of the work, giving you more opportunity to focus on more important things!

Tried and tested by some of our very own JP employees, this single trigger frame truly is epic. It allows you to keep the consistent high rate of fire with only one finger. From experience, you can often get your marker to get into it's ramping fire quicker than you can with the standard double finger trigger frames (yes, honestly!). It really does shoot consistently smooth, we were really impressed. 


How to install the single trigger frame:

Simply remove your existing electronic frame, transfer your frame electronics into the single finger frame, replace the trigger, put it back together and enjoy.


Product Includes:

  • CS3 Single Finger Electronic Frame
  • CS3 Single Finger Adjustable Rake Trigger Shoe

NOTE: Kit includes trigger shoe only and NOT the trigger assembly.


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