Just Paintball is a well established market leader in the UK and Europe but from time to time we also get the opportunity to do things a little further afield.

As with many paintball sites, we supply everything needed to get up and running, from paintball markers and paintball masks, to sup'air barricades, compressors and paintball netting. We also work with new site owners to make sure they know exactly what they're doing and guide them through what can be quite a complicated process. We offer support on equipment teching, field layouts and of course advice on all aspects of the sport.

This week, Liam travelled to Saudi Arabia to help a new site get started. Their indoor arena is based in a shopping complex and they've really gone to town on making it look impressive!


With a combination of Valken masks and Valken paintball markers, Tippmann Combat paintballs and absolutely everything needed - their site is set to be a market leader in no time at all !!



We'll have a full update and more pictures for you when he gets back from his paintball adventure in Saudi Arabia !


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