It's set to be another busy year for Just Paintball as we head to some of the UK's busiest and most prestigious events with our mobile store and paint truck!

It's a slightly later start to the year than usual with the first event being our own training day on Saturday 30th March. This is an invite only day held at the CPPS venue in Penkridge. Our sponsored teams are invited to scrim against each other and test out their new gear and tactics ahead of the start of the CPPS season in April. JP training days are open to all JP sponsored teams and it's a free day with an invited Pro who is on hand throughout the training session to give top tips and game strategies.

The training day is a month before the official start of the UK tournament season which begins with the first round of the CPPS at the end of April. The CPPS has 5 main events throughout the course of the year - running from April to September. Everything is played on inflatable sup'air fields and games are timed and scored. The divisions have been designed to allow beginner players an introduction to tournament paintball without them feeling intimidated by better teams and the "break-in" division sees very new teams come along and "have a go". Once they've mastered "break-in" they can progress through to "break-out" and then it's into division 5 and upwards through the divisions.

We attend the CPPS events with a temperature controlled truck full of the finest Valken paintballs and a mobile store full of goodies. The events are great as it gives teams and individual players the chance to see the equipment in the flesh and pick up / hold / try on gear that they might only otherwise see online. There's a new event at the CPPS this year with the introduction of a day purely for beginners! It's being run in conjunction with Just Paintball and individual players who want to get into tournament paintball but don't yet have their own team can come along and see what it's all about. Teams will be formed on the day from individual players and there'll be top level players on hand to give tips and advice throughout the day. There will be training sessions in the morning and a tournament-style event in the afternoon so new players can put their new skills to good use. It's hoped that teams will be formed from this event and will go on to play the higher divisions in subsequent rounds.

Dotted amongst all the CPPS events we'll also be attending a few Big Games which take place throughout the year.

May will see our annual pilgrimage to the North v South Big Game at Swynnerton where hundreds of paintballers will gather. The game is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, in the UK and this year's theme is a sequel to last year's Survivors game! Just Paintball attend for the full weekend with paintballs and products, and there are deals to be add before and during the Big Game.

June is a fairly quiet month once the second CPPS takes place over the first weekend and the next Big Game isn't until we head to Birmingham for Paintfest 2019 in July! This is one of the biggest "party games" in the UK with a massive emphasis on fun games, a big party, lots of camping, BBQs and games throughout the weekend. Last year was a little on the wet side although everyone still managed to have a lot of fun!! We're really hoping for some sunshine this year - everyone prefers playing in the sunshine!!

August is another busy month with both a CPPS event and another Big Game - Mayhem! No, that's the name of the game! Mayhem is one of the biggest and best paintball sites in the UK with loads of exciting and prop-filled game zones. It's really well attended and there's a great atmosphere and - normally - it's sunny because it's so far South it's nearly in the sea!

We always run promotions and offers leading up to the big games so make sure you keep an eye on our Paintball Events section for deals on paintballs, pyrotechnics and absolutely everything you might need for a Big Game.

September sees the end of the CPPS 5 man season with the final event on the 21st and 22nd although there is a 7 man event in October to really finish off the season! To finish off JP's season of events we go to two really amazing games in October. The Superheroes v Villains charity event at Nottingham Skirmish and Campaign's famous Clash of the Clans game! The Clash of Clans is into it's 6th year now and is getting busier and busier every year. As with all events, we'll be there with our mobile store and a massive range of goodies!

Hopefully we'll catch up with some of you at one of the many events we attend throughout the 2019 paintball season !!


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