What a weekend! Last month, Just Paintball UK ventured down to the Midlands for the Warped North V South BIG GAME Festival (official) - it was a blast!

We arrived at the Heart of England site on the Thursday morning to get all set up, ready for the hundreds of players attending on the Friday morning! A long day of unloading the van which was FULL of stock, setting up the huge JP Trade Tent area, with our Marker Servicing office for Brandon to help fix your markers all weekend! And finally an early night before all the chaos arrived the next morning!

Friday came, and it was great to start seeing the herds of players arrive! With people wandering in our pop-up-store from early on, coming to say hi and getting their hands on some new shiny paintball products, things were looking great as the weather had started to brighten up! While some fields were still being setup on the Friday, there were still some players out in the woods having a shoot against one another in a couple of the NvS games! And with the main influx of players arriving later the Friday evening after they'd finished work presumably, this is when the party vibes really started!

We started off Saturday morning with a full cooked breakfast provided by Heart of England and organised by the NvS team, then rushing back to the JP Trade Tent to start off the day super busy, with everybody rushing to our JP tent to get their markers fixed, serviced, and upgraded by our Marker Technician; Brandon. Meanwhile Jonny, Liam, Jamie and Tim were helping the players who took an interest in some of the flashy products we had out on display in the tent!

The main games had started by 10am-11am on the Saturday, so everyone was all geared up ready to play all day! With the introduction of some of the players home-made built team tanks driving around the game zones, it was awesome to see such a different format of paintball! Smoke grenades covered the woodland between firefights of players!

Then at the end of the day, players made their way back to the safe zone, camping and retail area to finish the night with a DJ and bar right outside the JP store! Brandon entered Liam into a paintball eating competition without him even knowing! (That didn't turn out great for Liam! haha).

Waking up Sunday morning with a few sore heads, everyone was still raring to go, fighting in the last big game of the weekend, hundreds of players headed over to the tree-line to start the day.

What a weekend!!! The Just Paintball team came back buzzing afterwards, what a great start to the 2023 paintball season! We'd like to thank everyone for such a good weekend. Thank you to all the staff who helped set up and run the event. Thank you to all the players who popped by our tent to get the best deals at the event!

We've loved being at the North Vs South Big Game 2023!

Go and check out our Facebook Page to view a full album of photos of the weekend event!


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