Matt and Jonny, the warehouse masterminds!
These guys head up the warehouse at Just Paintball. Matt has years of experience organising transport logistics and warehousing. From goods in, to all your orders leaving, he is our 'go to guy' when it comes to anything packaging. Rumour has it, he can tape and label a box blindfolded, while answering the phone, sending an email and hurling profanities at callers on Radio 2's Pop Master.

Jonny, on the other hand, is a silent ninja in the warehouse and can pick 3 orders at a time while dealing with walk-in customers and eBay listings.
You may have seen them both at events, and Jonny is a sharp shooting, magfed professional who currently plays for the Raptors at numerous events through the season. If you need any help and advice about magfed in general, give us a call, Jonny really is the font of all knowledge!


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