So here it is, the next instalment of meet the team.
Meet Brandon!
Brandon is the marker guru in JP, one of the best marker techs in the business. You'll no doubt have used his brilliance at events as he is generally on hand to keep your marker running as sweet as possible.

Brandon also runs training courses for the army, numerous CCF training venues, numerous police training facilities and paintball sites around the country.
He may be small in stature, but he packs a punch on the field too as he plays in DIV1 at CPPS for the Trash Panda's.

Need your marker servicing, upgrading or just a general health check? Book it in here and he will work his magic for you. Need any advice on how to do something yourself? Call 01325 242419 and ask away.

For all the Bang Bang, Pew Pew and brrraaaap brrraaaap you need, Brandon is the main man!


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