Meet the true 'A' Team
Toby and Red, the original Ambassadogs of JP.
Red is a working cocker however his phone skills are still very much a work in progress. If you've ever left a message for Andy and it took him ages to get back to you, it was probably Red's fault.
Toby on the other hand is a consummate professional, when he's awake at least. He can be quite helpful in the warehouse and can often be seen rearranging the stock and shipping boxes. His strong point is event security. He can generally be found wandering the campsite sniffing out sausages or bacon sizzlers, they are his favourite.
Toby is a touch higher up the pecking order as he has his own email address but Red is far better behaved, and as he can't use a mouse, he claims there is no point having an email, at which point Andy threw away his mouse and Toby had to retrieve it from the bin. 


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