So we have just found the time to write about Mayhem's Pacific Big Game that was on last weekend! It was a long weekend of paintball action but there was a really awesome atmosphere and we got a lot of enjoyment from meeting some new and existing customers. The site itself down at Mayhem Paintball is pretty epic - Sea Kings and Wessex helicopters littering the game zones along with more Range Rovers than you can shake a stick at. You couldn't walk on the fields without tripping over a tank and then as you fell you'd most likely land on some other armoured vehicle. It was quite some venue!

There were well over 500 players at the event and the weather held up to allow for some great game-play without the rain spoiling all the fun.


Friday saw a good mixture of walkon games on the Mayhem paintball fields and Saturday was a mixture of games, including a pistol challenge and some Magfed fun. Pro paintball team the London Tigers came down on Saturday afternoon to run some training drills and a skills clinic on the sup'air field before everyone chilled out for the evening at the glow-stick fuelled players party.

Sunday allowed a nice lie in as the game didn't start till 10 although most players were out and about and having a last browse in the trade village before heading out onto the field for the full Pacific 5 battle. It was great to see so much good spirits and we didn't hear a single complaint all day about reffing, over-shooting or having to fight through nettles to get to the opposition! Although it was a late finish for us on the Sunday night, we had a great weekend and already can't wait to see what might be in store for Mayhem 2016!


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