It's that festive time of year again when all your family and friends want to buy you paintball gear for Christmas (hopefully) because they know that's the most important sport in your life! Unfortunately, without careful guidance you could end up with something you've already got or something that doesn't fit your colour scheme - or even your marker.

Don't worry - we have a solution. In fact... we have 2!

Firstly, make sure you've signed up as an Account Holder and have created a Wishlist on Just Paintball.  It works just like a normal wishlist - simply create a list, add to it every paintball product that your heart desires, and then email it out to your family and friends so they know exactly what to get you. The most important thing to remember with Wishlists is to make sure there's lots of different priced items on there. Sure your partner might be happy buying you that new £160 mask but your Great Aunt Maud probably only wants to spend £3... but she still wants it to be £3 well spent.

As an alternative solution, and if you don't want to be quite so cheeky as to send out a list of items to your nearest and dearest, why not just point them in the direction of our Christmas Gift Guide. We have listed a selection of products in price categories so your friends can pick something that fits with their budget.

For example, in the Gifts Under £10 we have some essential items that you can never have enough of as a paintballer. Dye Fluffy sticks and Alpha pods will always come in handy, as will Exalt barrel maids and pod bags which go missing as much as socks. Speaking of socks, there are some great paintball socks available from Exalt and from Eclipse which are the only socks you want to be receiving this year!

If you're hoping for something a little more substantial we also have a range of gift ideas for budgets of £20, £50 and £100. Just point out our Christmas Gift Guide as a suggestion for potential presents but remember there are some great deals in our Special Offers section and we have almost every desirable paintball brand available in our online store.

Finally, if your'e really not sure what to ask for and your friends and family still want to buy you paintballing equipment for Christmas then perhaps suggest they invest in one of our nifty Christmas Gift Vouchers. Our paintball gift vouchers come in denominations from £10 to £100 and you can use them online within 12 months of purchase.

As always, if you're looking for any paintball advice or need some help picking that perfect gift, just give us a call on 01325 242419.


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