It's that time of year again - World Cup in Orlando... or as we like to call it - "the time of year when all the manufacturers release a tonne of new gear to whet our appetites for the coming weeks!" It's not as catchy but it's pretty accurate and as a retailer our eyes are always glued to the screens as new products are launched, showcased and released to the viewing masses. Last year didn't feel like there was much out there but this year - OMG - this year there's an absolute mountain of releases - from most of the major manufacturers... and it's not all just colour changes (although there's the usual amount of that too). But that's cool. Everyone likes new colours.

Most notable was the release yesterday from Eclipse of the new GTek - expected to be physically available sometime in November. This is like a sister to the already popular Eclipse Etek and is expected to be a catchall for all those people who love Eclipse guns but not particularly the external moving components of a poppet valve marker. Some players just love the smooth lines of the enclosed spool valve system and the GTek is fully able to fill this spec. The GTek is a mid-range marker with all the value, reliability and efficiency we've come to expect from Eclipse but with the smooth shooting and quiet signature sound of a modern spooly. At the same price point as the Etek we expect the new GTek to be just as popular. We can't wait till it's out.




Hot on the heels of the GTek release is a range of new colours in the ever-popular Empire Vanquish (not the only company to bring out some swanky new colour-ways) but also a full new range of Empire soft goods, including a new look in the Empire Prevail label which both modernises the style and colourways of a range that has been fairly "samey" over the past couple of releases. Empire are renowned for innovating and experimenting with colours and, whilst it sounds a little bizarre, the mix of blue with lime green does actually work. The superman effect has also transferred from the stunning Empire Axe Pro into the Prevail F6 jersey with corresponding blue and red colour scheme. We've no info yet as to when it'll all be available - but it's eagerly awaited!



Of course there are the new colourways in a range of existing products also including the still popular Dye I4:

And some funky new colours in the Virtue Spire:


With these just the releases from Day 1 we're sure 2016 is going to be a colourful year!


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