We love looking after teams here at Just Paintball and we're delighted to welcome a new team to our community this week. The Titan Wolves have been playing since 2013, here's their story!

The Titan Wolves paintball team was founded by Gareth ‘Reaper’ Pollard in 2013. When we started we were a small group of 8 players who just wanted to have fun and do silly things (we have a few members with a love of smoke grenades) within a group of friends. He wanted this team to be like a family and look after each other which is very much how we still are today even though we have grown to staggering 38 players in two separate branches over our 6 years so far as a team.

In 2014 we appointed our new captain Adam ‘Swad’ Llewellyn because we had almost doubled in size and now felt we needed somebody to push the team forward into the direction of more competitive games like UWL. Also in 2014 we won NPFs Squad of the year award due to our antics, playing style and team spirit.

Some of our original players took a step back in 2016 which in turn has meant our newer Wolves have took a more active role in magfed and scenario games. This has lead us down another unexpected path of creating our very own Titan Wolves Magfed Pack. You will see (unless they have their camo on) them playing at varied events across the country. This year our magfed pack have played various events including black sheep events, OMG events and NPFs Miltac’s.

You may have also seen our main wolf pack at events like NvS, Paintfest and Mayhem this year so far. We still have our end of year game which some members have played for 5 years, Stalingrad. At Paintfest this year our captain Swad won the Battle Royale game, sponsored by Enola Gaye and did a little happy dance when he finally got his hands on a patch which stated he was now qualified to use Enola Gaye products!

Starting from now you will see some our original wolves coming back to run with the pack and, we have had a big influx of new Wolves join us in the last few months so there will be some new friendly faces to. If you haven’t met us mad lot yet come and introduce yourselves I promise we don’t bite. As a team we represent two charities including Help for Heroes. We are very happy that Just Paintball have chosen to sponsor us and are looking forward to working alongside them.

As a team moving forward we are very excited and are currently preparing our calendar for next year’s events in which we are hoping to include some competitive paintball along with our magfed/scenario games. We will also be playing at NvS,  Paintfest (at our home field), Mayhem and Stalingrad. We never know what is next in store for us next so here’s hoping for another year of running with the pack!




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