Just Paintball supports teams across the UK and Europe. Each month we feature one of our supported teams and, this month, it's Panthers UK. 
Panthers UK was formed back in 2018 when Ashley Couveeia and Shane Festa decided to start a team of their own after playing for a few different teams. Their first year playing under the Panthers UK name was consistent in terms of results with steady 3rd and 4th positions until they found themselves short of one player at which point they brought in Josh Fuller from South Coast Blitz and went on to secure 1st place in Div 4 for the 3rd round which cemented Josh in the team. Unfortunately, just before the final round of the season Shane Festa injured his wrist and was taken out for the rest of the season which caused the team to struggle for players for the following round. Luckily they managed to recruit a few more players just in time.
The team carried on for a few more seasons securing multiple podium finishes but at the end of the 2019 season some of the team decided they didn't want to compete at such a high level anymore due to age and family commitments. Leaving just a few of the original team they took a couple of months rest to look at their options. During this time Luke Pargeter from RSW approached the team asking to join as RSW were no longer taking part in the CPPS season. With Luke joining the Panthers UK this lead to Myke Dutton guesting for a season with his old RSW team member. 
Panthers UK is planning on competing this year in Div 2. This season they are certainly a team to look out for coming in strong with a full roster of some of the originals and new blood to the team. Together the new roster works amazingly well.