In our first "Introduction To..." blog post we'd like to introduce you to Exalt Paintball. Exalt have been one of the up and coming brands in paintball for a few years now and are at the forefront of new product design and innovation.

Nolan Stoer from Exalt explains how Exalt launched at World Cup in 2008; "we rolled out version 1 of our rubber tank cover which was the start of many Exalt products that improved upon and influenced what players commonly use today. That's what we stand for at Exalt; quality, innovation and creating a product that enhances the player's experience, at a fair and affordable price."

They've steadily expanded their range of products from offering just protection for your gear - to now offer a full range of protection for your gear AND your body with new lines just recently released in arm pads, knee pads and one of the most comfortable chest protectors available. The Exalt Alpha series chest guards are available in black and olive and offer protection for players of all levels. The chest guards feature integrated ventilated padding to allow good airflow and moisture evaporation while offering protection for sensitive areas. These have proven incredibly popular as they're priced at only £49.95 which, whilst not budget, is excellent value for money!

As well as chest protection, there is a full range of padding including arm and knee pads, and slide shorts to protect your knees when sliding into barricades, trees, bunkers, etc. The Exalt Freeflex Elbow Pads are excellent value for money and combine flexibility, comfort, protection and durability. Made to last, these elbow pads cover your entire arm, including a portion of your hand, and extend right above the elbow so you don't have to worry about bare skin getting exposed and potentially SHOT ! If you want to complete the set, take a look at the Freeflex knee pads and Freeflex slide shorts which will give you head to toe protection without breaking the bank.

As well as protection for your sensitive areas, Exalt also offer protection for your sensitive equipment including cases for your paintball marker, mask, air system and even your paintball loader. Their range of cases come in a vivid lime green or a more subtle black and offer the ultimate in kit protection with their hard outer shells and microfibre internals.

The Exalt mask cases are one of our recommended "must-have" items. The cases offer protection for what is potentially one of your most expensive pieces of equipment and will save your lense from getting scratched to bits in transit. The mask case fits a single mask in the main section, which is microfibre lined to protect the lense, and also has a separate compartment for any of your bits and bobs, (keys, phone, money), to stop this scratching against your mask in transit. There's a handy clip to fasten it to your kit bag in transit and you certainly won't lose it if you opt for the bright lime green option!

If you want to go for the full set, check out the marker cases - available in standard and XL sizes, the loader cases, lense cases and even barrel cases.

Check out the full range of Exalt cases online and maybe add one to your next order to protect your gear!

As well as producing top of the range cases, protection and even clothing - Exalt are also famous for their lubricants and oils which are designed specifically for paintball. Their Vitamin G grease is highly sought after as it prevents o-ring wear, swelling and deterioration. It cleverly features a needle-nose cap to prevent wastage so one tube can last significantly longer than a tub of grease which is liable to lead to over-use.

Exalt are also one of the most colourful companies in paintball with their vibrant designs and vivid colour combos! Their tank covers and barrel bayonets are hands-down the most "lively" on the market and come in so many colours there's sure to be one to match your setup!

To see the full range of Exalt gear, check out our website and treat yourself to something funky on your next online order!


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