Another HUGE delivery of Infamous Pro DNA gear has just landed in our warehouse over the weekend! We've been super busy getting them all in stock on the website and they are READY-TO-GO! Want to check out the FULL range of Infamous kit on our online store? Click here! 
We now stock a wide range of the Pro DNA Silencio Boom Treated AC Barrel Kits in lots of colour variants!! We also now have the very exclusive Spartan Gloves! Did someone mention marker triggers? Yep. We have 4 different triggers, all for different brands of markers available and in stock now!
Furthermore, a full restock on all of the Pro DNA protective padding and Reflex harnesses are back in multiple colours! All available to order now, and we're proud to say that we're the ONLY official supplier of Infamous Paintball kit in the United Kingdom!
This is just the start! As previously mentioned, we are lucky enough and proud to be the only official supplier of Infamous Paintball kit in the UK, therefore we are looking to expand their product range even further for you guys! Over the next few weeks, we will be working hard with Infamous to see what we can get for our customers! So keep your eyes peeled... 
Meanwhile, we're still having fun with the endless meters of Infamous bunting they sent us in our store! 


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