One of our longtime friends, customer and UK paintball legend; Chris Stone, aka 'Stoney', needs your help! Recently, he entered the exclusive competition of the Hormesis Duel 1v1 Tournament and successfully made it through to the finals, where he won the event against Tommy Webb! Thus meaning, that he has now been selected to travel out to Thailand in December to compete against some of the best in the world! 

However there's only one problem, he can't do this without the help of funding. He's trying to raise £4000 in funds to help with his flights, hotel, paint and entry to the event, all whilst having the time off work.

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Words from Chris

Hi Paintball Community,
On June 2nd 2024 I competed in the Hormesis Duel 1v1 tournament hosted by none other than Oliver Lang himself!
In a wild turn of events, I managed to win and be crowned the best gun fighter in the UK, which is an absolute honour!
This has meant I qualify for the Hormesis 1v1 World Championship in Thailand this December. I have the chance to represent the UK, and battle against the best gunfighters from the other nations. There is just one problem... I simply can’t afford it.
The event structure means that I need a coach and pit crew to help me compete in the event. I have worked out the costs based on the information from Oliver, consisting of flights, hotel and paint it’s going to cost a few thousand pounds.
I have played paintball since 1999 and have worked in the industry since 2004 - I've loved every minute of it! Over the years I've always been active, whether it's hosting or being part of clinics, helping people along the way wherever I can, as well as promoting the industry. Now it's my turn to reach out to you all for some help and support to fund this trip and allow me to seize this incredible opportunity.
I'll be wearing my Great Britain colours with pride and would be honoured to represent the UK, to win in Thailand, and show we can really ball!
I've set a budget of £4000 to cover the flights and accommodation for me, my coach and pit crew. If we hit the target I'll be donating any remaining funds to the 2025 GB Paintball Organisation.
In addition I'll be making 3 extra GB 'Stoney' event jerseys that will be available and given away at random as a prize for anyone that donated as a thank you to those who helped me with this opportunity.
I really appreciate everyone taking the time to read this, and for the support I have received so far.
Stoney x

Check out his journey!

Snap and Shoot Media captured the Hormesis Elite Duel tournament, check out his videos on YouTube! Here's the Stoney vs Tommy 1v1 in the finals match. 


Then you can watch his previous game against Ed Lowe in the semi finals match here... 


And finally, his first game of the tournament that started off his win streak, versus Rich Harris in the first round. 

A huge shout out to Snap and Shoot Media for capturing these epic videos and putting them together on their YouTube channel!


Donating to Stoney

Again, we're really hoping that you guys can help with Stoney's fundraising efforts to help support him getting out to Thailand at the end of the year! Please check out his fundraiser on GoFundMe:


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