Did you even know that Great Britain had it's very own paintballing team?! We actually have 4 squads competing in different categories at the nations' European championships each year! We have a GB Mens (a squad of the best male paintballers in Great Britain), GB Womens (a very own team for the best ladies paintballers in Great Britain), GB Veterans (a team of the best paintballers who are 40+ years old), and GB Under 19's (a team for some of the best young talent in Great Britain under the age of 19 years old!). 

Across the years, and across all 4 squads, Great Britain has taken many medals home after the championships each year. In fact, we were the World Champions in the men's category in 2022, where we beat USA in a long lasting finals match which came down to us hitting the buzzer for the win, in the final 3 seconds!!  

Well... The NXL European Championships took place again over the last weekend, and Team GB Paintball are back home now... Just Paintball UK would like to say a huuuuge well done to all the players and coaches involved, you ALL did amazing! 



 A great overall performance from all 4 of the squads!
GB Men's brought home a 2nd place, where they had to fight team USA again in the final round. GB Women's brought home a 3rd place, after a tough weekend - they played great against all teams they came up against! And finally, the GB Veterans & GB U19s put in a shift against their teams. The GB Veterans made it through to the quarter-finals, but sadly lost a solid game. The GB Under 19's had one of the toughest team draws for their preliminary games, facing USA and France in their first 2 games (of which, both teams came 1st and 2nd in the finals!). 


We're super proud of everyone! Including our very own JP Sales Manager; Andy McD who played for GB Veterans! It looks like he had a great time out in France with the squad!  


Meanwhile, there were several other teams from the UK who travelled out to play in the NXL over the weekend! A few of our sponsored teams showed up! Well done to Trash Pandas in Semi-Pro! Halcyon in the WNXL, and Sabotage in Division 3! 


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