Today, we've got ALL OF THE ANSWERS, FOR ALL OF THE QUESTIONS! There's so many questions to ask when it comes to purchasing a paintball marker, whether it's your very first marker, or you fancy an upgrade, there's tons of questions to ask!

You’ve heard them all. I play mech, which marker should I shoot? I play MagFed, which marker should I shoot? I play on the big stage, which marker should my team shoot? They can be complex questions, but Planet Eclipse have made them very easy to answer...

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The Planet Eclipse CS3 
One of the best paintball markers in the industry right now... The CS3 is a seriously competitive choice for the players that want to win. Using the most up to date and advanced OP Core drivetrain, along with the latest barrel system designed by Planet Eclipse; the S63 Pro 3-Piece Barrel with 2 PWR inserts to choose your bore size. The CS3 uses an OLED interface so that you can control all of the settings, set timers, and much more, all from one screen and three simple buttons. This makes it super easy for you to check that your marker is set up correctly. With the tool-less assembly with quick fitting front and rear grips to gain access to your batteries, circuit board, change and clean your eye covers and have immediate access to new detents, all of which you can do without any screwdrivers or Alan keys! As standard, the CS3 comes with two bolt tips to allow you to choose whether you want a soft or hard tip, which can change entirely based on what paint you're shooting. The CS3 has newly released the mechanical frame, allowing you to get all the key features that make up the epic paintball marker that it is, whilst still shooting mechanically. 
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The Planet Eclipse LV2
Another high competitor on the table, but the Ego LV2 is run with a poppet bolt system. An era-defining marker. Not just for Planet Eclipse, but for paintball itself. The newly designed 
larger valve chamber and lower operating pressure allows the LV2 to operate at a very precise efficiency. Using the same barrel system as the CS3, the LV2 runs with the S63 Pro 3-Piece barrel system and 2 PWR inserts. The new hose-less design gives it a unique feel, while it also uses tool-less grips to access the battery compartment and circuit board. The Ego LV2 also has a LED indicator and OLED display screen to allow you to easily operate the marker and change the settings to suit your game.  
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The Planet Eclipse GTEK 180R
Nicknamed the "baby CS3", with the new OP-R Core drivetrain, this thing shoots like a CS3, but for a fraction of the cost! The 180R is built with these key features in mind; performance, stability, ergonomic and percision. Powered by the all-new OP-R Core Drivetrain, the 180R delivers a remarkably consistent and stable shot without compromising the lively and responsive dynamics that makes the R line so appealing. Improved efficiency. Lower operating pressure. Reduced recoil. Quieter sound signature. Better paint handling. The Gtek 180R also has the optional upgrade to a mechanical frame, allowing you to play in events that are electronic restricted like the ECPL. 
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The Planet Eclipse Etha 3
A perfect choice for an intermediate level player who wants a completely reliable and robust paintball marker. This marker is super easy to maintain and with an easy set up and usability, you really can't go wrong! The Etha3 offers players a sleek, fresh approach to ergonomics with a host of notable performance upgrades. It still runs with an electric circuit board, with programable settings to change the firing mode to conform with the field's rules that you're playing at.
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The Planet Eclipse Etha 3M
The mechanical version of the Etha 3, perfect to play your classic paintball events like the ECPL, where you're not allowed to use electric paintball markers. With no electronics it is run purely off the mechanics of the marker, requiring you to shoot at the true speed of you pulling the trigger. The quicker you pull, the quicker you shoot. Again, almost identical to the Etha 3's performance with it being perfectly designed to be robust and reliable, especially if you're planning on playing in the woodland. 
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The Planet Eclipse EMF100
Setting the new standard in MagFed Paintball, the EMF100 really has been a game changer. Fully customisable with the EMC Rail, compatible with Magazine-fed paintballs or loader-fed, and can shoot roundball or First Strike Rounds! With a wide variety of accessories such as optic scopes, flash lights, stocks and more, you have endless options to make this marker fit your playing style. This thing truly is incredible, and is recommended by 99% of MagFed Players we've spoken to! 
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The Planet Eclipse EMEK 100
The ideal beginner paintball marker that is mechanical powered so that you don't need to use any batteries! The Emek is super reliable and easy to maintain, it withstands the conditions of wet and muddy woodland fields and still shoots incredibly well! The Emek comes in two sizes; the .50caliber and the .68caliber versions. It may be ideal for beginners but this paintball marker is widely used in all levels of paintball, all the way up to the long time veterans of the game. The Emek 100 has a huge custom work community, where customising your paintball marker to make it look epic and even upgrade the working systems like barrel, triggers and air valves.
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