On Saturday afternoon, Liam set off from our store to travel down in the van to get set up at the ECPL Round 2, Grand Central Classic at NPF Bassetts Pole, Birmingham! A bunch of our sponsored teams were walking the fields on Saturday to check out what it's like before they played it on Sunday! There were two fields in play for the weekend; the mounds field, and the woodland "swamp" field... 

Which of these fields do you prefer? The tactical movement, open grass field with mounds strategically, relying on your teammates to lay down some covering fire so that you can make a move further up the field? Or would you prefer the wooded barricades field, with lots of trees and bush to hide behind, crawling up without being seen to make advances up the field?

Saturday evening Liam was setting up the big yellow Just Paintball Trade Tent by himself as it was getting dark! Setting up camp for the night with Toby the famous #Ambassadog of JP! 

By the morning, Liam was all set up and ready to greet all the amazing customers arriving early hours of the wet and muddy Sunday morning, with a big JP tent set up full of the latest paintball kit and equipment for players to have a browse and stock up on any new paintball gear! We had the new Planet Eclipse mechanical frames for the CS3 and 180R, ready to play classic paintball with a top end paintball marker! We also had a bunch of Infamous Pro DNA protective wear, which includes arm pads, knee pads and slide pants, to protect you from injuring yourself from crawling or tripping up on the uneven woodland floor! 

We also were alongside and helping Mike & Ash from GI Sportz Europe, distributing the best paint in the game to the players. With a variety of paint grades to suit each team's preference. From feedback from the players after the day, the paint didn't miss a beat all day! It was the smoothest-shooting paint, with minimal breakages inside the hoppers, whilst also not being too hard so that it wasn't bouncing players when shot! If you haven't shot GI Sportz or Empire paintballs before, give us a call before your next game and we can help sort you out with some of the best paint in the game for your next walk-on or tournament!  

Did you also see the epic new custom ECPL Grand Central Classic jerseys made?! We're proud to have our logo placed in the list of sponsored vendors for the ECPL!

Finally, a huge well done to all of our sponsored teams who competed over the weekend! So-manc Mafia, Corruption, Yorkshire Bants, UK Predators, SBOS and OAPB! We loved to see all of the JP logos on your new 2024 jerseys and flags, and using all of your new kit from Just Paintball UK! 

What an epic event, a huge thank you to Nicky T and the entire team organising the ECPL! Shout out to NPF Bassetts Pole for letting us set up on their grass field in the basecamp too! We'll see you all at the ECPL at Warped on the 23rd June! But first, we're heading to CPPS in a couple weekends for their Round 2 tournament! Hopefully we'll be seeing a bunch of you there first! Fingers crossed that the weather is a bit better for then! 


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