Yes, this is easily done. There are loads of different types of paintballs, different "grades", standards, sizes, uses....! Whilst it's possible to buy a box of paintballs and be quite happy with them there is, believe it or not, a lot more to consider once you start playing more regularly. Some paintballs are better in Winter than others and some are more fragile than others - so better for certain paintball markers that might hit the ball slightly softer.

Different Sizes

There are three main sizes of paintballs:

0.43 caliber

0.50 caliber

0.68 caliber

although the most popular size is the 0.68 caliber and this is used on most paintball sites. Some sites also use 0.50 caliber paintballs which are slightly lower impact than the 0.68 caliber paintballs and these are used in the JT Splatmaster markers and the Valken Gotcha markers which are ideal for children's paintball parties or paintball presents.

The 0.68 caliber paintballs are normally supplied in boxes of 2000 and fit most paintball markers. They come in different colours and also in different standards or "grades".

Different Standards

Paintballs come in varying standards starting from beginner / recreational paintballs to tournament level paintballs. Recreational paintballs tend to be suitable for all paintball markers and will fire well through anything. They may not always fly as straight as higher level paintballs but are great for use on paintball sites, in Big Games or for private paintball parties. Once you start to get more serious about paintballing and perhaps upgrade your paintball marker, you might find you want a paintball that is slightly more accurate or breaks more consistently on your target, such as tournament level paintballs.

Tournament level paintballs are made through a slower process and more attention is given to ensuring the balls is particularly round, doesn't have a big seam where the two halves of the ball meet, and has a good amount of paint inside. Some balls are made slightly pressurised to create a bigger splat on impact while others are made with a very thin paintball shell so it shatters immediately on impact.

Different Paintballs

There are also First Strike paintballs which are an unconventional shape but fly further and more accurately than other paintballs. The First Strike rounds can only be used in certain paintball markers as they aren't fully round. First Strike paintballs are normally used in sniper-style rifles as they are so accurate, but considerably more expensive than standard paintballs.

Take a look at our full range of paintballs - and if you're unsure which paint is best for your marker, just give us a ring.


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