A lot of people didn't know that paintball was even competitive! But, did you know that our sport has it's very own Team GB Paintball squad each year that travel out to different countries to compete at the annual Nations Cup at the NXL Paintball event! There's been over 15+ different countries compete in the Nations Cup each year, and hundreds of players and spectators travel to the spectacular event year on year! 

The GB Paintball Squad 2023
Here's a picture we taken over in France last year of the entire GB Paintball squad of Men's, Women's, Veteran's, and Under 19's! Over 30 players, and over a team of 15 coaches, pit crew, and pod runners not included in the picture! 

GB Men's Team 2023
It was only a couple of years ago that Team GB were World Champions with a first place podium finish at the Nations Cup in France 2022 (their 2nd gold in 10 years!), the men's team have a strong combination of experienced visionaries and relentless athletic pace that, as proven, can defeat even the very biggest names in global paintball. Another Silver medal in 2023 has now been added to their collection too, as they prepare for their next tournament as a team in August 2024.

GB Women's Team 2023
A team of inspirational women from all ages and social backgrounds who share one passion, to bang the drum for competitive female athletes and bring home the gold. In 2022, they took home a Silver Medal, and in 2023, another Bronze to their tally. There's been a huge increase in ladies entering the sport in the UK over the past few years, with female-only teams competing in the CPPS series too! Do you think that you have what it takes to put on the GB jersey? 

GB Veteran's Team 2023
In a game where experience and game smarts can be just as devastating on the field as speed and aggression, the Vets squad (over 40s) provides older players with an opportunity to compete at a level that they were once used to. With many over 40s maintaining high levels of fitness, the Vets division often proves to be a highly skilled and surprising spectacle of all things great about the game. 

GB Under 19's Team 2023
Building and inspiring future generations, in any sport, is vital for its survival and competitive paintball is no different. The Nations competition provides a large stage with a very bright spotlight for future stars to shine and for many who make the cut, they go on to play for some of the biggest teams in the country. Our under 19s have won the Gold Medal twice in 10 years. Many Bronze and Silver Medals, too. With lots of fresh young players entering the sport this year, we have a lot of potential future talent on the rise! 

NEW TO 2024, The GB Under 16's Team!
Yes, that's right! Team GB are working on setting up a team for Under 16 year old's to compete with the other teams in a 3vs3 tournament for our first time ever! With this recent influx of young players to our sport in the UK, now more than ever we've had the opportunity to field an under 16's team. With the help from SaD Academy offering their program for young players, and coaches from other squads offering to help out, this will be an incredible opportunity! More information to be released very shortly... 

Do you think you've got what it takes?
You can actually participate in some trials to be selected for the GB Paintball Team for 2024! These trials are coming up very soon, on the Sunday 26th May! If you fit into any of the categories for the teams, you can simply sign up and attend, they are held at CPPS, Penkridge. If you even know anybody who is eligble to compete in any of these categories, send them this blog post and tell them to turn up to the trials! Trialists will need to complete a survey before attending, this can be found here


Just Paintball UK Sponsor Team GB! 
We are proudly a Silver Sponsor of Team GB Paintball, year after year we help support the squads, providing them with all of the essential bits of paintball playing kit and equipment that they need! They come straight to us every time! 

Two of our Just Paintball UK Staff Members have represented Team GB!
Yes, that's right! Two of our crew at Just Paintball have represented the country for the Team GB squads! If you have any questions at all to ask them regarding paintball, don't hesitate to contact us! With the GB Paintball experience combined, they've got tons of knowledge and a lot to answer for! 

Sales Manager Andy McDermott played for Team GB Veterans in NXL Dreux 2023, where they placed 6th overall!  

(Left in picture: Andy McDermott)

And Social Media Guru Jamie Ellwood played for Team GB Under 19's in NXL Amsterdam in 2019, where they placed on the podium with a 3rd place! 

(Left in picture: Jamie Ellwood) 


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