Have you played paintball for the first time at Delta Force, Battlezone Paintball or the National Paintball Fields recently, enjoyed it that much and thought that paintball might be something you'd love to get into?! Turns out that it is a hobby that a lot of people are involved in! 

You might not know this but you can even purchase your own paintball equipment so that you don't have to use the well-worn rental kit! You can be in the comfort of your own playing gear, and even use your very own paintball gun that hasn't been used and abused by other rental customers! You know that your kit will be fully looked after, it'll be reliable and you'd know what to do if things did go south mid-game!

Simply check with your local paintball sites if they allow you to bring your own equipment (often called "own-gunners"!) to play at their site first, then head over to our online store and start browsing for your new paintball gear! You really don't need to top-of-the-range kit to start off with! Our most highly recommended thing to purchase when starting off for the first time, is to browse our "ready-to-play packages", where we've made custom packages at the best prices for you to get started! Find one that you like the most, and if you have ANY questions at all before taking your first steps in, simply give us a call and one of our friendly sales advisers with over 15+ years experience in the industry, will assist you with everything you need! 

Just Paintball proudly stocks the biggest brands at awesomely low prices. Our range covers all things paintball, and we are constantly striving to give you fantastically cheap paintball gun packages and deals on all kinds of gear (cheap in price doesn’t mean cheap in quality). You’ll find all the best marker packages from leading brands BT, Spyder and more right here. Each marker bundle comes with the gear you need to get going including air or CO2, hoppers, masks and more. Take the time to browse each pack to get the best savings on your essential paintball kit.


Rental Paintball sites like Delta Force and National Paintball Fields are definitely the common places to start the buzz you get for paintballing! When you're there for your friends birthday party, stag do, all dressed up in fancy dress for a laugh, running around the woodlands with paintball guns shooting each other! But then you actually realise how much fun you're having playing paintball... Why not make the jump into getting started today? Order your first bit of paintball kit with Just Paintball UK and don't look back!


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