And just like that, CPPS Round One 2024 is over already! Trade vendors obviously couldn't attend each day for Round One as each division competed on a different day, which meant we sadly couldn't be there to support you all, but we did watch the livestreams by CPPS and it looked epic. But don't worry, we'll be there for Round 2 in our bright yellow JP Trade Tent, waiting to help you all get the essential bits of paintball kit that you need. 

GI Sportz Paint made it onto the podium 11 out of the 21 places, which is more than half!! Which also means that's more than all of the other paint brands combined...! Now if that isn't saying something, we don't know what is! Shoot any of GI Sportz or Empire's Tournament Paint to help your team win your division! Don't know where to start? Simply contact us today, or whenever suits you best, and we can sort a deal out together! 
Drop us an email:
Or even give us a call: 01325 242419

We would like to say a huge well done to all of our sponsored teams on completing your first round at CPPS! Whether you made it onto the podiums or not, we hope you all had an epic start to the season! Furthermore, if you're also a new team looking to get sponsored by a big paintball retailer, to get access to a bunch of epic team deals, tech support, and your very own discount code for our store, contact us now to get signed up!  

We already can't wait for Round 2, where we will have our big yellow JP tents out in full force, ready to meet and greet all of our sponsored teams, old and new! Will you be there on the 11th or 12th May? 

Courtesy to Llucia Wood Photography for all of the above photos! 


Never been to CPPS before? You should check out some of our other blogs on previous events we've been to! Especially the NXL/CPPS events held in July, where a massive variety of teams come to the midlands to compete for an entire weekend, teams from all over Europe! There's even a licensed bar, café with hot and cold food and beverages, ice-cream truck, and a bunch of other vendors who attend this mega event! 

You don't even have to play paintball to attend, you can just turn up for FREE, watch some PRO-level paintball games on the astro-turf field, you can come and browse our epic JP trade tent, fully stocked with a bunch of the latest paintball gear and equipment, and just hang out! You can bring your kids, family, dogs, a packed lunch, or whatever you want for absolutely nothing! 


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