Well the dust has settled from Round 4 of the CPPS event down in Penkridge - and we had some great results in all divisions !! Just Paintball supports teams all over the UK and in Europe and many of these teams showcase their skills at the CPPS. Round 4 was the Eclipse Open so there were some great prizes up for grabs and as we're approaching the end of the season, with only one round left, the teams were keen to hit the podiums.

Check out this video from Shattered Lens Paintball of the CPPS Eclipse Open !

Just check out these podiums!!

Morning Wood took 3rd in Breakout

Sneaky Snorkells took 3rd in Division 3

Oblivion took 2nd in Divison 5

We also had some amazing results throughout the divisions with Tigers taking 1st place in in Div 5, Plum Life got 3rd in Div 4, Samurai got 3rd in Div 1 among others !!

Big credit to Shattered Lens Paintball for such an amazing video!



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