It's that time of year folks! Time for Christmas Paintball Walk-ons! Get your paintball kit out your garages, grab your Santa hats and head down to your local field for some quality Christmas paintball games!!
This December, Warped Sports, Cosford, (the team who host the notorious North Vs South Big Game each year!) are holding their very own Christmas Carnage game! Where 2x of the Midlands' most well known duo; Ainsley Baddeley and Dylan Owen of CPPS will be battling it out against one another! 
Christmas is a special time at Warped, mainly due to the infamous Christmas Carnage game we’ve run annually, since 2004. Each year two figure heads in paintball battle it out to see who comes out on top and 2023 is no exception!! Having your name immortalised on the Carnage shield is a true paintball accolade by no exaggeration.💪🛡️💥
Our Two generals that will be facing off on the 17th of December are the TITANS of CPPS… This year’s Christmas Carnage will be none over that Ainsley Baddeley VS Dylan Owen!! 🤝
Ainsley and Dylan are partners and co run the CPPS tournaments and surely need no introduction. They will Battle it out on the 17th of December throughout a day of Classic Warped Carnage woodland action, along with on/off field Xmas foolishness to see WHO comes out on top! They will need YOUR help, who are you backing this Christmas?? There will be pride, reputation and ultimate braggin’ rights on the line for both generals! ☝️☝️☝️
These two will definitely be up for a fight but remember "the proof the Christmas pudding is in the eating" and all that; which of these wily killers will take the glory? The only way to find out is to take the field on 17th December to fight it out!
Grab yourself Early booker discount until the 17th of November. Book now!!
This Carnage is sure to be one to remember!!


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