We love Christmas at Just Paintball. Aside from the festive spirit and mince pies, there are always great special offers and crazy deals right through December. We also see a change to our Bestsellers list and just as the news announces the Toy of the Year, we also have products that make surprise appearances in our Bestsellers list as customers put in their requests to Santa!

This year we have some old favourites in the Bestsellers category:

Our Christmas bundles are always a popular choice, especially when they include everything you need to get up and running. Our Christmas SW1 Bundle comes with everything you need to get up and running - including Valken's SW1 marker, mask, loader, Co2, gloves and paintballs. With a great discount, this is one of our bestselling paintball packages this Christmas.

As we approach Winter, the cold weather can play havoc on your paintballs and so we've been seeing a lot of Winter paint going out the door this month. Our GI Frostbite is one of the most robust winter paintballs available and has a bright shell and fill to make sure your hits always stand out even if the weather is grey and dull.

Christmas is a great time for renewing expired or out of date equipment and our top end air systems always feature highly in the best sellers listing. The Eclipse E-Lite air system is one of the lightest air systems available and, combined with a Ninja Pro V2 regulator, is certainly the players' choice this year.

Another popular product that must have been added to a lot of Christmas wishlists this year is the Exalt Bayonet barrel cover. Whilst it's only a small item it is absolutely essential as you cannot go on the game field without a barrel sock. The Exalt Bayonets are hard-wearing and long lasting so - as long as you don't loose it on the field - it'll become a kit bag staple.

We also have some new additions to the list which are generally new products to the market this year:

The Valken Phantom Agility slide shorts were only released in 2018 but are already proving to be one of the most popular slide shorts. The 4-way stretch locks the padding in place whilst allowing movement so you can slide into bunkers with confidence. The shorts fit snugly under your playing trousers and provide essential padding on your hips, upper thighs and groin.

One of our more popular beginner packages made an appearance in our Bestsellers list earlier this year and has remained there ever since. The Valken Gotcha complete setup with red and blue packages allows two people to play against each other or against targets! The package includes everything you need for 2 players - with separate coloured paintball equipment for each player so you always know who's is who's. These packages also come with paintball chest protectors to provide extra protection.

Another really popular product that was only released in 2018 is the Exalt Death gloves. Available in black/white and black/black the gloves have proven extremely popular amongst all types of paintball players - from tournament paintball players to scenario paintball players - and are pretty much a constant on our bestsellers list. We expect these to continue to sell well right through Christmas!

There are so many amazing products to choose from this year and, with our awesome Special Offers and Christmas Daily Deal, there really is no better place to shop this Christmas!



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