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Paintball Air & CO2 Systems

Air and CO2 systems bottles, presets regulators and accessories... we have the lot! Browse our selection of paintballing air systems, including CO2 bottles ranging from 12oz and 20oz. As a rule, the bigger the CO2 bottle, the more shots. A 20oz bottle can give you over 600 shots (roughly speaking).

We stock presets in high and low pressure to suit your preferences. 0.8l, 1.1l and 1.5 litre are available from the most talked about brands: PMI Pure Energy and Dye Throttle. As the leading supplier of Paintball Gun Air Systems UK wide, we don’t stop there! Just Paintball boasts a full range of accessories including air fittings kits, micro and macro line, elbow, fill nipple dust covers and thread protectors.

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