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Smart Parks Shocker CVO MEchanical - Pre-Loved

Smart Parks Shocker CVO MEchanical - Pre-Loved

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Comes with partial manufacturers warranty.


Mechanical Shocker CVO is in near to perfect condition.

This marker was only used for one game and developed a fault which was then fixed under warranty.

Barely any shots through it, and no marks to either the body of the gun or the barrel.

Comes with partial manufacturers warranty.

Shocker CVO - (Cam-Valve-Operation)

The original Shocker ushered in the age of electronic paintball and now the legend has come full circle. Through progressive advancements each Shocker generation has become smaller, lighter and faster than the one before.
the circle is now complete... The Shocker has become mechanical!

The new Shocker CVO is joining the Shocker XLS in the Shocker Paintball lineup. The Shocker CVO takes the smoothness and efficiency found in the ultra-light and compact Shocker XLS and strips away the electronics, replacing them with a purely mechanical controle system featuring a cam-actuated pilot valve.
The result is a cutting edge paintball marker with a trigger pull so short and light that it matches its electronic cousins while diving into the resurgent world of mechanical tournament paintball.

Special features:
- precision trigger
- roller bearing lever
- roller actuated pilot valve
- adjustable ASA
- FREAK XL with All-American porting
- hose free
- 45 grip compatible
- Spool Valve
- highly efficient
- low pressure
- carry case



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