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BT Apex 2 Barrel System

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BT Apex 2 Barrel System

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Great Barrel
Hi, i recently brought this barrel of you guys and it works GREAT. Everything you have heard about this barrel is 100% true.

Q: However i am having trouble taking this barrel apart after i used it. All the tutorial (as it comes with no manual instructions) say to push the slider down and pull off the tip, which simply doesn't work for the barrel i have. Any ideas?


A: You do only have to push the complete slider part to slide the tip off. When the barrel is new, you really have to force the first couple of times you remove it.
Barrel length and fits???
Q: Is the barrel length from the threads to the end of the apex tip of just the barrel end to end and will the 98 thread option fit the sierra one cheers foxy....!!!

A: It's from end to end (apex included). The Tippmann 98 thread option will fit the Sierra One.
Q: Is this a 7/8 barrel or a inch ?

A: This is available in 14" and 18".
Q: will it fit the bt tracer, which thread do i need

A: Yes it does, you need a cocker thread.
Tippmann Phenom
Q: Will the 14inch fit a Tippmann Phenom.

and Which thread would it be? The A5 one?

A: Yes it will, you will need a A5 thread.
Q: Do you do an apex for the TM15 ?

A: Yes, the "Autococker" one fits.
BT delta
Q: A previous question asked about this fitting the Delta, do you know if it does fit? thanks.

A: Yes it does.
Sierra one
Q: Will the apex barrle fit the tippman sierra one?

A: Yes it does, you only have to choose the Tippmann 98 fitting.
wich one would fit
Q: wich one would fit the spyder sonix ?

A: YOu need a spyder thread, which is only available on order for now. Please contact us on 01325 24 24 19.
Is there a fix for BT Delta
Q: I've read that the hard guard of the BT Delta will not fit over the Apex Barrel, is there a quick fix or replacement hand guard available ?

A: I have seen lot of people having a Apex1 barrel on the BT Delta, but haven't tried with the apex2. Does it really not fit ?

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