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BT Apex 2 Barrel System

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BT Apex 2 Barrel System

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Q: Hello, I recently purchased a bt4 combat slice and I was told that some barrels might not work with it as they do with a normal bt4 combat, is this true and if so would this barrel work or not?

A. This barrel works perfectly with the Slice. There are (to my knowledge) any barrels that work on the Combat but not the Slice.
i have the bravo one and this is a very good barrel for any gun. it makes the ball a lot more accurate and the curl effect helps a lot when there are enemys behind a tree or in a bunker. i would recommened this to anyone as it improves the accuracy and is a good price
Q: Whats the difference between apex 2 and normal apex?

A: The apex2 system is longer, making the effect more visible and more accurate.
Q: Is this the apex barrel and tip or just barrel ?

Will my sierra one rail go over the barrel ?

A: This is the complete apex2 barrel. The Sierra shroud should fit around it.
Q: Do you recommend the 14 or 18 inch I am using bt omega ?

A: The 18" because it will fit in the omega shroud, while the 14" is too short.
Feedback on Apex2 barrel
I like Apex2 barrel even I miss 16' length for my TM15 marker, you can not use 14', 18' is too long.
Apex2 itself works great, does what's marketed, in some environments you can not use it, in some you will rule the game - helped me score unbelievable shots at distance in open ground and while defending building.
Only problem I see are:
- selector could be a bit bigger for manipulation
- when you have a barrel break you have to clean it outside the game, I always play with backup barrel
Again, nice product.
Q: can you turn the spin off so it shoots straight ? thanks

A: Yes, you can !
Q: Could you recommend a 4 railod shroud that would fit this barrel for my bt 4 ?

A: would be great, you will need to wait for the BT4 / Tippmann A5 version to be back in stock.
Q: Will this fit the BT4 combat?

A: Yes it does, you only have to choose the "Tippmann A5 / BT4".
will the Apex barrel fit the BT Omega?
Q: Will the Apex barrel fit the BT Omega?

A: Yes it does, you only have to choose a Tippmann A5 / BT4 thread.

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