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BT Apex 2 Barrel System

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BT Apex 2 Barrel System

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Q: Hello does 14' BT Apex2 autococker threaded barrel fit toTM15 or I need to get 16' one ? Would it fit toEgo9?
What is the bore of this barrel ? Is there any fin kit to help me to adjust to different paint?
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A: the 14" should fit the TM15, and will fit on the ego9.
The barrel offer a 691 bore. The way the apex work you don't have to match bore as the apex tip will always have the same size, and will deflect the ball to give it the effect you want.

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does this fit onto a Inspire BFG
Q: does this apex barrel fit onto the inspire BFG cheers ?

A: Yes, you only have to select the Tippmann A5 thread which is the one used on BFG markers.
Q: What the difference from this and the other apex barrel?

A: This is the latest version, allowing tool-less removal of the front, and improved effects due to a longer and new designed front.

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