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Tiberius 8.1

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Tiberius 8.1

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Q: can you get the rubberized balls for the t8.1?

A: Do you mean the reballs ?
Stocks and barrel
Q: Does the t8 accept barrels and stocks because I read somewhere it does


A: It's easier to get a stock on a Tiberius T9. But T8 accept barrels.
Nitrous oxide
Q: will the T8.1 run on Nitrous oxide?

A: Not as I as aware of. Only Liquid co2 and compressed air (HPA)
Q: do you do a Package deal on this gun ?

A: As most people buying it already got most of the gear, we haven't done any. But please contact us on 01325 24 24 19 and we will build a package with what you would like (at a package price).
Just a quick one
Q: Is the "Tiberius 8.1" text painted on? Will the paint scrape off quickly from wear and tear?

Also - as the Tiberius 8 and 8.1 are going for near enough the same price, which should I get? I want a pistol to use as a primary in a few games, just for a different playstyle, and I think I'll pick this over the Tippmann.

Is a hard case supplied with this marker?

A: The Tiberius 8.1 is better as it is a improved Tiberius 8.
The Text is laser engraved, and will last years.
It come in a great hard case !
Paintball preference?
Q: What paintballs are best with this pistol?

Does this pistol prefer a certain make/model of paintballs or can you use any?

A: We recommend high quality scenario paintball for this marker, to be able to get the best from it:
BT Munition is really good.
Empire Ramp Blizzard is the best winter ball (quality wise), the actual batch is really good.
Q: how many magazines do you get with the pistol out of the box??

A: It come with one magazine.
Q: Would it be able to mount a laser sight or would i have to get the package with it already equipped?

A: You can fit a laser sight, but will need a Tiberius undermount rail.
water tight
Q: this is a long shot question, but do you know if this gun will still fire imediatly after being submerged in water?

A: Yes it should but it will not be good for the gun long term!
Q: whats the max range that it can fire 1) paintballs 2) First strike rounds

A: Around 30/35 meters with normal paintballs and 45/50 meter with first strike.

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