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is it
Q: Does it fit with a shroud ?

A: It does fit in some shroud, but not all of them. Depending how big they are, and what kind of fitting they use.
will this fit my tm 15
Q: will this fit my bt tm 15 if i need a cocker like ont the tm 7 if so how much will it be ?

A: You will need a "cocker" thread. We are for a price and delay.
Two great barrels
Q: What is better for my Sierra one bang stixxx or straightline ( interresting in accuracy)???????? Or do you have something more special????????

A: Hammerhead barrels are the best for accuracy ! No need to look further !
Question about fittings
Q: Will this barrell fit a BT TM7?

Thanks sam

A: You will need a "cocker" threaded barrel for your TM-7.
Got this barrel last October since then its been head shots all the time :D

But seriously, this is the most accurate barrel I have used and Its worth every penny.
howzat. I got a few q

1: will this barrel fit on a Spyder Rs

2. is this barrel spiraled inside.

thanx Carl

A1: No sure we have the Spyder thread in stock on this day.

A2: The barrel is spiraled inside.
Awesome Barrel
Ive had this Barrel a while now and the quality and detail of this Barrel is outstanding. The fin kit makes air efficiency very good, making your shots more accurate. Looking down the barrel and seeing the Rifling is great, a very well crafted barrel thats designed to last. This Barrel is amazingly accurate, at the Conscript big game i was hitting targets over 150 ft away when they were in some cover. Presentation box is very nice and the thread grease ensures your barrel lasts that much more longer. When using this Barrel i was using a BT-4 Combat and isnt paint picky.
Overall this is a must Barrel for someone wanting to have the very best

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