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Tippmann Bravo One / Sierra One E-Trigger Upgrade

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Tippmann Bravo One / Sierra One E-Trigger Upgrade

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bt omega
Q: Im planning on getting a bt omega marker and would like to know if this Will fit it or if i Will need a different one and if so how mutch that would cost thanks ?

A: You will need a BT one:
Q: does it make th gun louder cause i heard it does ?

A: It doesn't affect anything else than the rate of fire and adding firing modes.
1. Will a Tippmann 98 Cyclone Feed System be compatable with a seirra one and this e-trigger?

A: Yes it is !

2.If so what what rate of fire can i expect from it in full auto?

A: Around 13bps.
y wont it work with gas
Q: I installed my e trigger and it works fine without gas but when i put my gas on it is always automatic, uses up loads of gas and the e trigger can be turned off and it will still be automatic what can i do????

A: Did you remove the spring in the trigger as said in the e-trigger manual ?
tiberius t4
Q: will this work on the tiberius t4 ?

A: This only fit the Tippmann Bravo one and the Sierra One.
Q: Lots of videos on the internet say that you have to shoot 2 paintballs before each "burst" you fire, is this true?

A: I don't think that is correct - I am pretty sure you just pull the trigger for a burst when it is set on burst mode.
Q: what does this do apart from give you the ability to fire with different modes.
does it make it so that you don't need gas

A: You will still need gas,
It allow to have a much more sensible trigger and new firing mode for faster rate of fire, even in semi-automatic.
old 98 custom
Q: hi will this work on my old 98 custom ?

A: You will need a Tippmann 98 E-Trigger kit.
about the trigger
Hi is it good to have a cyclone feed system with this trigger upgrade or best of with an electronic hopper ?

A: I'd go electronic personally or BT Rip Clip.
bravo one
Q: is it hard to put this on the bravo one ?

A: Not really, but if you aren't sure to be able to do it, please feel free to contact us to do it for you.

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