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Tippmann Sierra One

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Tippmann Sierra One

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Tipman sierra one
I have this gun gun for a year now I would highly recommend it is super accurate and nice to Handel
Great first marker
I only went paintballing for the first time a month or so ago, and a friend of mine lent me one of these. I'd already had my eye on one purely for the realistic looks of it, and I was blown away by how easy it is to use and maintain. When using a remote line it's really light too which is a bonus. I've since bought one of my own and it shoots and feels exactly the same except my fiend's has the cyclone feed upgrade, which I also intent to get a hold of at some point
Amazing marker
Used it for the 1st time the other day and it's AWESOME, really accurate and easy to move with and nice to customize too
great for woodsball
This is a brilliant marker its highly accurate and you can add many customised upgrades like grips,scopes,apex barrel 2,slings and more perfect marker. I highly recommend it.
Q: How do you put on attachments ?

A: What attachment you would like to mount ?
how to add parts
Q: How do you add attachments to this gun such as an e-grip ?

A: The e-grip will fit in the body. Else you can add a lot of tactical accessories on the rails, like red dot sight, laser sight, foregrip, .....
Q: When I buy this sometime next year Im wondering if I should buy a foregrip and maybe a scope for this what do you recommend?

A: A lot of people like to have sights on their markers, I personally love using a foregrip too, but that's more a personal preference.
Q: What's better BT omega or bravo 1 ?

A: The new BT Omega is more upgradable than the Bravo 1. So I would recommend the Omega.
Q: I'm a tourney player, but I'm thinking of buying this gun for woodsball and scenario play. Is it better to use my current loader (Halo B) whilst off or buy a cheap gravity fed? Also is this a good gun to use for scenario or should I go for pump, or even stick with my Invert Mini? Thanks!

A: You can use your halo B on this marker as long as you don't put the maximum speed.
This marker is less accurate than the mini, but great for for scenario, it's a different feeling than the Mini.
BT Omega or Sierra One
Q: what is better the bt omega or sierra one?

A: Same performances, only the style is different.
Q: what are the best sights to put on this marker? like red dot,acog,iron sights ect. ^^

A: 40mm red dot sight would be great:
Q: i have just got the sierra one which would be the best hopper for this gun.

A: Tippmann SL200 is a great hopper for the price if you want a fast electronic one. Else the proto primo is the best one without batteries.
Q: could tou use an apex barrel on this ?

A: Yes you can, you only have to choose a "Tippmann 98" thread which is the one used on this marker.
Q: Is this a good gun for a beginner ??

Thanks : )

A: Yes, it's easy to service, reliable and accurate. Great marker to start with.
Q: Hi New to paintballing.. Been told by a club I've been to that there are strict guidelines for 'markers' can i use this at any club??

any advice would be great

A: It sounds like your are thinking of your "club's rules", so the only way to know their rules would be to ask them.
Q1: what is the rate of fire of this weapon.

A: Around 7bps.

Q2: What firing modes does is weapon come with? e.g. semi-auto, three round burst or full-auto

A: Semi-automatic.

Q3: If it is only a semi-auto weapon what can i do to make is a full-auto weapon?

A: You will need a E-grip to add other firing modes.
Q: could you use almost any 98 attachment for this gun ?

A: Yes. But not tippmann 98 egrip (this one use a special one); or tippmann 98 response trigger (not compatible).
Q: I have been looking through the reviews on this marker and it seems like the one for me but my question is does it only use a hopper or can it be used with magazines aswell?

A: It only use a hopper like most paintball markers.
Sling ?
Q: Does this come with a Sling or do i have to buy that separate ?

A: You will have to buy it separately.
Straight out the box
Q: What do you need to buy so that this gun is capable of firing 'straight out of the box'?

A: You will need a hopper and a bottle.
Q: Where do the paintballs go? Do they go in a magazine under the gun like a proper AR15 rifle?

A: You will need to put a hopper on the top like in most paintball markers.
Q: Will this marker take co2 and which marker do you think is better. the bt omega or the sierra 1 ?

Thanks :)

A: Yes this marker do take co2. Both the Omega and the Sierra One are great marker. The Omega is a bit cheaper if you like the design.
Q: what attachments can this gun have?? like ACOG, red dot sight etc. and what make???

thanks :)

A: Any attachment using picatinny rail (military standard) will fit on this marker.
We have a selection of red dot sights, scopes, foregrip, bipods, .....
Q: will the tippman x7 low profile hopper work on this gun and if not do u reckomend any other hoppers other than the cyclone?

A: The low profile hopper won't work as it's only compatible on cyclone hopper.

I would recommend the Extreme Rage overdrive or halo if you don't want a cyclone.
tpn sierra with hammerhead straightline
Q: can i fit a hammerhead straightline on a sierra?
what thread is it?
what is better hammerhead straightline or a bang stixxx?

A: Yes a Hammerhead barrel will fit.
The thread is "Tippmann 98".
Both the straightline and the bang stikxx are great. The difference is the number of barrel backs (to adapt the barrel to the size of your paintballs to improve accuracy).
is better?
Q: i want to take this gun but I need to have a red dot I will buy the cyclone and the egrip but I need a perfect fitting red dot. Because my friends have another gun they took a red dot and the gun didn't shoot were the dot is I like the 40mm hangar18 one but what's the different with the long one? It will fit perfect?

A: Please note you need to adjust the red dot to be sure the marker shot were the red dot is aiming.
You will have a screw on the top and the side. Both are only caps, unscrew it and you will see how to adjust the sight.
tpn sierra one
Q: i want to buy this gun and put a red dot but i think that it will not fit and it will not shoot where the dot is. do you have a dot that it fits perfectly?

A: All red dot sights are adjustable to aim where the marker will shoot.
Q: can I use a red dot but fits there with a standard hopper like viewloader 200? Or I must buy cyclone ?

A: You can use it with a standard hopper, it will only hide the top right a bit.
Q: Do you know when this is discontinued, because i have to wait till late august to get this marker?
this would help alot

A: There is not information or even rumors for this one to be discontinued on this day. It should still be available in august.
Which sights are available to attach to this gun?
Q: I'd like to know which sights can be attatched to this gun ( scopes / red dots / even laser sights please)
Thank You :)

A: All red dot sight, scopes and laser sight we sell on our website are compatible with this marker.
Q: is this fully automatic or burst or single fire?

A: This is semi-automatic. (One shot per pull on the trigger).
Q: which is more reliable, BT combat or sierra one?

A: The BT-4 and BT Omega markers are more reliable, but they are both good markers.
Q: what barrel thread does this have ?

A: This marker use "tippmann 98" barrel thread.
Q: Does the Bravo One E-Grip upgrade fit this gun as well?
and do you sell one with the E-Grip pre installed?

A: Yes it does. No we don't sell any Sierra one with E-grip installed on this day.
Q: can you use a dissposable 4oz c02 with this

A: Yes, but you will need a 4oz adaptor.
Q: so these use .68 calibre paint??

A: Yes, they do.
Q: Would You Need Batteries For This Gun Even If It Hasn't Got a E-Trigger?


A: No it doesn't need any batteries if you don't add an e-trigger.
Q: Can you add attachments to the gun e.g. Red Dot sight, ACOG, Sniper Scopes

A: Yes you can ! All attachments using the picatinny standard will fit on this marker.
Red Dot
Q: Would The Red Dot Made For The Tippman 98 Work For This Marker?

A: No as it isn't the same rail, but there is a lot of red dot sight available for this marker.
Q: Would a Proto Primo Hopper Work Well With This Marker?
A: The proto primo will work but be a bit slow.
We recommend the Overdrive sonic DB, or a tippmann triumph hopper.
Q: i want to add a longer magazine to this gun which one would you reconmend?

A: We can have some longer ones, please contact us on 01325 24 24 19.
Q: what is the range on this gun ??

A: It is accurate to 200 feet.
Q: hi whats the bore size of the barrel?

A: Its slightly oversized about .695 ish
Q: I know that the magazine in this gun can be replaced by the ones from the bravo one but can you buy these magazines alone ?, I think a longer mag would look better but i cant seem to find a stand alone magazine, Thanks.

A: Please contact us on 01325 24 24 19 for spares parts prices and availability.
Q: could you be able to install a cyclone feed and a response trigger at the same time????

R: I am not sure you can fit a response trigger on the Sierra One.
Does sierra one have an E trigger that it is compatible with??
Q: Does sierra one have an E trigger that it is compatible with??

A: It is compatible with the TPN E-trigger.
sling rail mount
Q: does this gun come with the little sling mounting rail attachment for the bottom rail or will that come with the sling itself ?, thanks

A: It come with sling attachments.
New to paintball
Q: How much is a good hopper and Co2 ? since it doesn't come with the marker.
Where does the hopper go ??? cause i may want a rail mount or a sight. and what is the cheapest i'd be able to get the sierra 1/decent Co2 tank/hopper and possible sight or laser. ? i do want a grip but think it could takeaway from the experience..

can you help me :)

A: Have a look in the packages section and you can find some great deals there with complete sets. You can still use a scope but will probably need an offset rail of some sort - give us a call and we can talk you through it all. 01325 242419
sierra up grade
Q: can you fit 98 power tube the sierra one?

A: Yes

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