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Tippmann 98 Cyclone Feed System

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would u
Q: Would you fit this on an ex site 98 if both were ordered at the same time?

A: Yes we can.
t x7
Q: Does this fit the tippman x7 ?

A: No it doesn't this one is for tippmann 98, but the Tippmann X7 already comes with a Cyclone feed system.
Q: Would this fit my BT-4?

A: No it doesn't.
Q: when i order this with my gun would you be able to fit it for me ?

A: Yes, not a problem if you order both at the same times, else you will have to send us the marker back for us to fit it.
Q: Does this now come with the X7 low profile hopper or the one shown in the image? Thanks!

A: It now come with the X7 low profile hopper.
stupid question ?
Q: Will this fit no a tibirius t 9.1 ?

A: No it doesn't, this will only fit tippmann markers.
Project Salvol
Q: Does this Fit the Project Salvo ?

A: Yes it does !
must have for bravo one
I got the cyclone on my bravo one with e grip and it is ace, I have had no ball breaks and it keeps up with out any fuss, the soft paddles r a gud idea simply so u can use softer summer balls without breaks :)
rt and cyclone
Q: do you have the adaptor to run this with a response trigger and if so how much will they be

A: Yes we have some, please contact us on 01325 24 24 19.
dose it
Q: dose it fit on the serria one and is it easy to install

A: Yes it will fit.

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