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Tiberius T8.1 Pistols Socom Edition

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Q: Can you get a spare mag for this gun so you have 2 mags in the field ?

A: Yes you can !
mock silencer
Q: can the mock silencer come off ?

A: Yes, you can unscrew it from the barrel.
First Strike
Q: Can you get the first strike conversion kit for this pistol ?

A: Yes. Please contact us on 01325 24 24 19 to order one.
Q: this may sound stupid but does it use gas?

A: Yes it runs off the 12g sparklets
paint ball size
Q: quick one what size paint balls does it use?

A: 0.68 calibre
Q: is it possilble to carry two paintball guns into the field, as i wanted to buy this one and the bt-4 as a starter gun, i know it would tak eup alot of ammuniotion though, also i dont understand how you can out sites on them as you have the hopper? and that u cannot see through so it weould be blocking the way?

Cheers :)

A: Nothing against this on most field.The T8 pistol use pistol style magazine, not basic hopper.
Q: just baught it its amasing...what holster fits this gun without the lazr sight getting stuck and the silincer getting stuck plz get back asap


A: Not sure there are any holsters that fit it comfortably

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