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12oz CO2 Bottle

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12oz CO2 Bottle

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how long
Q: How long does it last for the gas how many rounds can it take?

A: It depend of the marker you use, you can generally get around 400 shots out of it.
Q: does this fit the inspire havoc, how many shots would i get and is co2 the best???

cheers :)

A: It does fit on the Inspire Havoc and will allow around 400 shots.
No, compressed air is a lot better than co2, but more expensive ....
can it fit on a tippmann a5 marker
Q: Can it fit on a tippmann a5 marker ?

A: Yes it will fit fine !
Q: Does it fit theTPN Sierra one ?

A: Yes it does.
Q: will this fit the hanger 18 ? (:

A: Which hangar 18 marker ?
can you also use compressed air for this tank
Q: can you also use compressed air for this tank ?

A: No, they are completely different, these are designed for liquid co2.
co2 bottle
Q: would this 12oz bottle fit my tippmann 98 ? thanks

A: Yes it does.
gun size
Q: Hi

will this fit the sock from a tiberius t9.1 ranger


A: It will fitn on the back of the T9.1, but you would need to remove the stock.
Tippmann A5?
Q: Will this fit the Tippmann A5?

A: Yes it does.
re umarex 850
Q: This 12 oz bottle does fit with the adaptor ?

A: No, we don't know any adaptor to use this bottle on a Umarex 850.

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