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VL Evolution 3 Loader

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back in stock?
Q: When will this hopper be back in stock? very interested in buying it :-)

A: They have been discontinued. We can't get them anymore.
Q: is there anyway i can get a speed feed for this hopper? even though its feeding point is a little unique.. having trouble re-loading one handed on the airball field with this constantly closing lid

A: There is no speed feed available for this hopper due to the unique lid.
Q: is it noisy ?

A: This hopper is a bit noisy. Invert halo too would be better if you want a fast and quiet hopper.
Q: Do you know when you will be getting them in?

A: We don't know if we will have more in stock.
Q hi i have a bt 4 with an egrip would you recomend this hoper or would there be a better one in this kind of price range?

A: Have a look at the Halo 2 and the prophecy or the Reloader 2.
say what you want about rotors, halos etc - i have had my Evo and various other loaders, but nothing has lasted longer, given no issues and had more cheap spares available, than any of my high end loaders.

for £50 it is unquestionably the best loader available for the money, it will keep up with my ego8 at 25 bps no problem, the 2 9v batteries will last so many events i cant even remember the last time i changed them, the door, while non-upgradable, does its job, keeps the rain out, and does help paint feed into the hopper - reloading without looking is cake, and still easier than on my magna with speed feed, just takes an extra second to open the door.

the feedneck, is replaceable if you break it for £3 (i always have a spare anyway), but is more than robust enough to be tough with the door and diving around, i would however invest in some masking tape, as the neck itself may bit too thin for some feed necks - particularly non clamping ones, so give it 1 or 2 wraps of tape and it'll fit and grip better than ever before (even in clamping).

i have used an Evo, Halo, Pulse, and a Magna, and currently only my magna and evo survive, despite buying them in that order.

if you want a back up loader or a start up loader, or a high end loader on the cheap, the Evo is without a doubt the best choice.
Q; will this hopper do any good for sum1 who plays back cowbell on a airball field as i need to really use alot of paint and i shoot 11 bps thanks.

A: It will be fine but you might be better with a prophecy for the same money you get a lot more laoder.
Force feed?
Q: Does this hopper force feed the paintballs or is it just gravity fed?

A: It is a force feed hopper.
Fitting on SP1 and Proto SLG !!
Q: Will this hopper fit on an SP1 and a Proto SLG UL 09 ?
Need to no ASAP !!

Thanks !

A: It will fit both of them.
Q:will this fit a smart parts vibe??
reply ASAP!!

A: This hopper will fit and be great on a Smart Parts Vibe.

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