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Tippmann Response Trigger

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Tippmann Response Trigger

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whats better
Q. I'v got a Sierra One whats better for this gun a response trigger or a e grip?

A. The E-grip is much easier to set up we find.
change from e-grip
Q: What else additional to this responce trigger i should buy to be able to use it instead of my e-grip?

A: If you have a Tippmann A5 or E-greip, you can switch the frame without any problems.
Sorry, one more question.
Q: If I buy this what will I get? I DIY kite to install myself or a new A5 grip frame.
And if I do get a new grip frame will it fit the 2011 A5? Will it be the same style grip?

A: This is a upgrade kit to install in your frame.
Air efficiency question?
Q: I'm not asking you to conduct an air efficiency test how many shots in general will you lose in air efficiency with a response trigger attached from say a 3000PSI 48 ci tank?

A: We tested it on a X7, Using a remote trigger reduce the air efficiency from 640 to 590. (Around 10%).
Q: will it fit the bt4 ?

A: No it doesn't.
Will it fit
Q: Will this trigger fit a bravo one ?

A: There isn't a response trigger for the Bravo 1 only an e-grip trigger. Its the TPN egrip you need if this will do the job!?
A5 install
Q: Is this a complete trigger for the A5 like it is for the X7 or is it internal? if its internals how hard it is to install?

A: It is a complete trigger grip set up.

Q: what does the response trigger do?

A: The response trigger reuses some of the gas from the marker to recock the gun faster allowing faster rates of fire..
Q: Will this fit on a sierra one?

A: No, you will need this one:
is this
Q: is this the one with 3 shot burts on it ?? please wright back

A: This one increase the rate of fire : add shot when you shoot.

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