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Tippmann E-Grip Trigger Frame

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Tippmann E-Grip Trigger Frame

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A5 Comparability?
Q: Would this work on the A5 marker? and if so which of the two options would I have to purchase?

A: It used to exist in an A5 version, but Tippmann stopped doing it.
You have the select fire e-grip which exist in a Tippmann A5 version:
Q: what is the difference between this and the tippmann x7 select e grip??

A: The X7 select e-grip allow to change firing modes with a external switch, while on this one you need to open the grip to change the setting.
Q: Can u put this on a Sierra One?

A: No, you will need this one :
selector switch
Q:does the external egrip kit have a selector switch on it like the X7 phenom if you get me.... with a thumb swith for outo, semi with the 3 red bullets drawn next to it? you know what i mean...

A: No, you want the selector e-grip, not the basic one.
Q: can you use this with a tippmann 98 custom without act? its the old model 98c i think do i need a newer model?

A: Teh easiest way to check is to open the tippmann 98, to see if you do have the spaces for the solenoid and the batterie (in the frame).
98 custom
Q: will this fit a 98 custom ?

R: Yes it does.
can I
Will this work on an X7, or do I need this:

A: You need the X7 one that the link you posted goes to.
Q: hi what modes does this come with and does it come with ramping?

A: Semi, burst, turbo and auto.
Lighter trigger
Q: Does the e-grip make the trigger lighter ?

A: E-grip make trigger lighter and well more reactive, it push a switch instead of pushing the complete trigger mechanism.
A5 question
Wanting to upgrade my A5 with flatline barrel with either E-Grip or Response trigger, but need advice -

Does the e-grip work to give full auto on its own?
A: Yes.
Which is most beneficial, the E-Grip, or the response trigger?
A: The E-grip is faster but need a batterie.

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