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JT Spectra Thermal Lense

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JT Spectra Thermal Lense

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will you be getting these back in?
Q: will u be getting these back in stock? thanks

A: It just arrived !
will this fit
Q: will this fit a jt flex 8?

A: Yes it does.
Does this fit ...
Q: Does this fit the JT Chameleon Proteus mask?
I love this mask and it i believe is still one of the best around but its quite old. I think it was one of the first to use the standard 'Spectra' lens but not too sure...

A: Yes this is the correct lense - your mask lives to see another day :)
help :(?
Q: WHich lense fits the jt proflex ?

A: These do fit.
what masks is the lense compatible with... and jt vs proto?
Q: is this lense compatible with your JT spectra Nforcer mask, and if you were to recomend a mask out of the proto switch or this JT Nforcer on the basis of weight, and value for money etc.

A: Yes it is ! It fit all Spectra System Lens. The fact they are thermal make it a must have!
colours ?
Q: What do all the different colours mean ? is it just to be aesthetically pleasing ?

A: It is both for the vision and the aesthetic. If you need any help for choosing a colour, please feel free to contact us.
Q: I've had my Spectra's for years now,when I originally bought them,I bought red lenses to match my Renegade red splash camo. Do they still make red ones as I can't see them listed?

A: I'm not really sure they still do them !

7 Review(s)

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