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H18 Anti-Fog Spray Small Bottle

H18 Anti-Fog Spray Small Bottle

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The most powerful anti-fog spray available!


The world famous lense cleanerand antifog spray from Hangar 18. This high performance combination antimist and cleaning fluid is perfect for cleaning your mask and keeping it free from fog. This pocket-sized bottle is an essential for both recreational and tournament players.

Combine it with the H18 non-scratch mask wipe for the perfect finish.



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Would definately recomend
Looked around before for things like this and found they wern't all that good. This how ever (to quote Vo5) Really does "Break the mould", this was amazing. (although I did have a little problem with it afer first application probably due to the bad condtitions of the day, but after the second application It was perfect)

This did exactly what it says on the tin, provides anti-fogging extreemly well and you only use such a small amount of it that it last for ages before you need to buy it again!

As the title suggests, definately recommend this product to anyone looking for anti-fogging products that work.

P.S. I've been reading around and apparently if you have a certain type of coating on glasses they'll steamup any way. Unfortunately I can't test that as I don't wear glasses
application of product
Q: is it spray a thin layer on the inside and leave abit on the lense, or do you wipe it all off clean?
also, do you spray on both inside and outside of the lense?

A: We recommend do spray a bit on the inside and polish it with a micro fibre cloth or equivalent.

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