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Paintball mask and goggle cleaning gear. Its important that you only use the proper stuff for cleaning your mask so as to avoid the risk of damage to you mask. It is also great to have a really clean lense when you on the field so only use the best!
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We all know it’s a pain in the neck when your paintball mask fogs up. To stop this from happening, choose a well fitting mask and stock up on the gear needed to keep it fresh and clean. It's important that you only use the proper product for cleaning your mask, so as to avoid the risk of scratches and other damage. A spit shine is not the answer! Goggle lens cloths & face mask cleaning kits are the affordable solution. Get the gear to keep your mask clean and clear from Just Paintball. For optimal performance, clean your paintball mask before and after every game, a crystal clear lens cuts out distractions and keeps your mask in great shape for longer.